Your Career Prospects with the IPBS MIM - IPBS MIM Master
Your Career Prospects with the IPBS MIM

The IPBS International Management Master’s degree programme opens a lot of doors. It is an incredible graduate degree option for fresh bachelor graduates with first work experience or if you are in the process of changing fields or simply want to gain additional skills and to expand your network.  For the young and ambitious candidates wanting to make it big in the business world, the MIM Programme qualifies this audience for careers in top management. 

The IPBS Alumni Network 

As you learn to solve complex business matters with professionals from different backgrounds you will have gained key skills to succeed in today’s global and fast faced environment. But the benefits from studying with an international student body do not end there. The professional network of the IPBS MIM community will expand your career opportunities when you search for your first job and then they will continue to follow along with you and support you as you traverse your career path. 

Graduates report that the individuals they have met through their IPBS MIM enriched their lives and the situations they experienced and learnt to deal with, including the cultural influences that led to them adapting themselves, new food that unleashed a passion for cooking, exciting new sports disciplines and new places they discovered all resulted in them broadening their horizons. Together, it made for a completely unique and unforgettable global experience.  

The MIM is distinctive in the manner in which it allows students to study at the best universities on different continents whilst they continue to be completely supported throughout all the challenges they might encounter whilst they complete the programme. This personal encouragement of the MIM Community and extended network also continues past the completion of your degree and will have an extensive impact on your career and future. 

Career Prospects 

Graduates have typically encountered career opportunities, with major responsibilities, in international companies by working with fellow students from a wide range of geographical backgrounds. Almost half of the IPBS MIM graduates choose to accept an initial job offer in a location outside of their country of origin. Most of the MIM graduates are employed in Europe (many working in Germany and France), but the United States, Mexico and China are also well represented, and students can get placed in Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Whilst 61% of graduates already have employment before they complete their studies 97% of graduates will have found a job within three months of graduation. 

The average starting salary for our graduates in 2018 is around € 50,000. The MIM degree holder’s salary also grows well with experience. MIM degrees are especially valuable after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Physical Sciences with top companies offering internships to students. 

Considering figures from a recent IPBS MIM LinkedIn group 27% of our alumni had gone on to work in Consulting positions, 26% of our alumni worked in Finance, Banking and Insurance, and 6% in IT. MIM graduates are generally employed in Marketing, Controlling and Finance positions as well as Human Resource Management, Management Consulting and Banking and Finance. Specific figures range from almost 40% in Consulting positions close to 20% in Financial positions, 14% in Marketing, 9% in Sales, 7% in C-suite and 4% work in Audit. It is also not unusual to find an entrepreneur in the group, who invariably continues along the path they have made for themselves in the world. 

Top IPBS MIM graduate recruiters include top firms like Ernst & Young, Mckinsey in Consulting, Apple, LVMH, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Google, Procter & Gamble in Marketing to BNP Paribas, KPMG in Finance, Deloitte, Orange, L’Oréal, Paypal, HSBC and The Boston Consulting Group because the MIM graduates have gained multidisciplinary skills from their course and this places them in high demand.  

Unique pros of MIM Graduates 

As the world of business continues to develop along an increasingly global trajectory the MIM is offering heavy competition to MBA graduates, as the MIM students are specifically developed to take up roles which earlier would have been reserved for MBA students, this way the companies can develop managers who are aligned to their companies’ values and do not have to go through the trouble of training new people for upper management jobs. 

What sets the MIM programme apart is often the personal development aspect of the course, along with building interpersonal skills and effective teamwork ability. For those in supervisory positions the fundamental principles of the MIM will resolve organisational conflicts, improve team building and ensure good participation in ethical decision-making processes. 

There are various job opportunities for the MSc graduates such as Management Trainee Positions, Financial Services Analyst or Graduate Research Analyst in Consulting, Finance/ Accounting, Sales/ Marketing and Operations/ Logistics. Most of the graduates enter the Consumer Goods, Consulting or Financial Services/ Banking industry. The MSc graduates with some experience will achieve titles such as Advertising Manager, Development Manager, General Operations, Human Resources Manager, Public Relations Manager, Sales Manager and Training Manager. The skills that the MIM course impart will set graduates up on a course that may eventually lead to President or CEO. 

Technology, consumer goods and food, industries and utilities and media, leisure and tourism companies recruit MIM graduates as analysts, project leaders and managers. They are seen to be fast learners, agile and adaptable risk takers and internationally mobile. Another plus is the fact that they can embrace the corporate values and cultural values of a particular company faster. From a company’s perspective this translates to a candidate being able to enter diverse environments, learn to understand the culture and figure out the best way for the company to do business there. 

That Perfect First Job 

The career services at the partner schools are offering full support for every career topics through ongoing details of company job offers, in-company internships, theses and research projects. Company fairs with corporate presentations and on campus interviews are held at all universities with partner institutions. Workshops with guest lecturers and projects in cooperation with industry are organised and workshops and presentations in cooperation with alumni are also organised.  

How to Make the Most of Your Career Prospects after MIM Graduation: 

  • Work very hard. The course is not easy and if you are there only for the cultural experience you will leave with only a cultural experience and no career. 
  • Gain as much work experience as you can whilst you are still studying for your MIM
  • If you are proactive and focused on learning relevant skills to the sector you are hoping to find employment in post-graduation you will have an important and valuable edge on other applicants when you are finally in a position to apply for a full-time position.  
  • Acquiring internship positions while you are pursuing your degree might result in the opportunity to convert your part time position into a full-time career once you have graduated.  
  • Participate in exchange programmes and network furiously throughout your studies. 
  • Concentrate on countries with friendly immigration laws that will allow you to work for the maximum time before returning home.  


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