The Alumni Experience of IPBS MIM - IPBS MIM Master
The Alumni Experience of IPBS MIM

The International Management Master’s degree programme offered by five partner schools of the IPBS (International Partnership of Business Schools) opens a lot of doors. It will give you the great opportunity to enjoy a full immersion in two different countries and develop your understanding of different cultures. Our study programme provides young professionals with the knowledge ands kills to thrive in dynamic international business settings. 

 The People and the Places 

Graduates are enriched, not only by the people they meet along their journey through the programme, but also by the cultural influences which open their eyes to different approaching to living life. Some find themselves quite changed through witnessing the attitude of others and this might result in them challenging themselves even more. The exposure to others also engender an appreciation of success, as many inspiring personalities come together and then go out into the world to forge their own fantastic, personal journeys ahead. 

 Visiting a city on a holiday and living in a city as a student offers vastly different perspectives. State of the art campuses within historic surroundings truly deliver the best of both worlds but the diverse and interesting student bodies that the programme attracts brings yet another facet of diversity and more opportunities to learn to the experience. Understanding how interests and goals are shared and where they differ enable graduates to work efficiently in a diverse and multicultural team and prepares them adequately for international roles in the future. 

 Downtime takes on a completely new meaning when you are studying abroad, with opportunities to travel and explore abounding. 

 New Styles of Learning for New Challenges 

 Even though the business schools of the IPBS network stretch across many continents, the community can feel quite intimate and networking opportunities are never-ending. At the same time, you might find yourself taking a class on a whim and discovering a new interest and the diverse lecture styles and the faculties’ multiple views of the world ensure a well-rounded outcome and maximum positioning for job entry. The mix of theory and practice, combined with the application of economic theories to the regional economy of the area that you are studying in provides unparalleled insight, complements the knowledge obtained during the bachelor’s degree and perfectly prepares graduates for the challenges they will face in their careers. 

Balancing self-development and the international dimension at all times throughout the programme, the MIM was designed to create holistic global players in industries across the globe. Group collaboration and communication skills are developed, and self-management and analytical capabilities play a pivotal role.  

 A Personal Journey 

Whether you are looking to change or upgrade your work life, a young graduate who wants to make it very big in the business world very quickly, want to go abroad, study in fascinating cultures and explore an international environment, are interested in management but constrained by a lack of management background, interested in exploring the realms of marketing finance and consulting or wanting to rack up experience to be eligible for an ivy league MBA… the IPBS MIM can be the perfect stepping stone along your personal journey to fulfilment. 

 What makes the IPBS MIM Programme so unique? 

Immerse yourself and enjoy every moment. It is a time for working hard, challenging yourself, learning and engaging with new people but also to enjoy your success. Seize the opportunities as they present themselves. Learn from your fellow students and expose yourself to the experience presented by different cultures and countries. Use the time to network, fostering new personal and professional contacts along the way. Prepare to work hard and once you have completed the programme make sure you are part of the MIM Community as they will continue to have a positive impact on your career. Take advantage of all the support you have on campus as well as the access you will have to future employers via campus events, job fairs and the Alumni network. Furthermore, enjoy the dynamic cities in which you are living during your studies. Consider exploring your new surroundings an important part of your curriculum. You will have the chance to equip yourself with a tailor-made toolbox of skills, experiences and references to enable you to achieve your future career aspirations. 

 Do you want to share this experience? 

 First, take a look at other graduates. What are they doing and where are they working now. Ask yourself if you would like to follow a similar path and if your answer is yes you know that the same programme will also be the right one for you. The IPBS will allow you to gain international experience and learn knowledge and skills that will be useful for your later career. You will also be able to leverage the practical experience of incredible world-class professors through a strong emphasis on case studies to build an international career. Within the changing economic landscape many jobseekers take the decision to study further rather than finding a job right after they first graduate. The MIM programme becomes the launchpad for these early careers with graduates who have aspirations for leadership positions within their chosen industries. 

Although the IPBS MIM is case study oriented it also provides sufficient in-depth theoretical knowledge and can even lean towards being research oriented. Students who would like to focus on theory and use statistics and other methods to understand and apply it, will also enjoy this experience. 

 So, if you want to further your studies, are considering a managerial position in your industry and want to be able to find a job fast after graduation, then our Master in International Management will offer the perfect programme experience for you.  


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