Luis Daniel Ortiz - IPBS MIM Master
Luis Daniel Ortiz

MEX-USA, 2014/15

He now works at:

Junior Automotive Consultant at MHP a Porsche Company

  • What were your personal highlights during the MIM Programme?

A great highlight was the opportunity to study in two major universities in both Mexico and the USA. Getting to learn from professors from all over the world made the experience more diverse and getting expertise in different fields by sharing my work with international students fostered my interest in international management. But being part of the first graduate generations of the MIM at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University was definitely the biggest highlight of this experience.

  • What makes the MIM Programme so unique?

The MIM gave me the chance to achieve a master’s degree in a very prestigious university in the United States in one year. It also combines all the skills that an international management student must have in order to grasp different cultures and leadership skills that can be successfully be used in the future of the MIM graduates.

  • Your message to current and prospective students

I strongly encourage you to take this chance of a lifetime. This program will allow you to not only understand managerial topics at a theoretical level, but also at a practical one, as you will have to face a challenging program that develops your skills as a future international manager.