Jens Wolf - IPBS MIM Master
Jens Wolf

USA-D, 2013/14

He now works at:

Management Trainee at Bosch, automotive division

  • What were your personal highlights during the MIM Programme?

Definitely the possibility to attend two highly-recognized business schools and hence to get in touch with different lecture styles and views on the world. Having been part of the US education system and its inherent campus-centered life was just great. At ESB I particularly enjoyed the full range of options towards a positioning for the approaching job entry. Thus as a project leader of the ESB student consulting, I took the opportunity to prove leadership skills while diverse case studies, which were initiated by V.I.M.A (ESB sponsor) companies, helped to prepare for assessment center tasks.

  • What makes the MIM Programme so unique?

Apart from the focus on the international interconnections of economies and business activities, I predominately appreciate the managerial perspective that fosters a holistic and global mindset.  In this regard, also intercultural awareness was promoted. For me, the MIM program is an outstanding example for practice-oriented learning. Hereby group collaboration and communication skills are developed while on a personal level self-management and analytical capabilities play a pivotal role for success. This focus on soft skills can be considered a distinct added value in comparison to my previous academic career. Additionally, another focus is on scientific research and the writing of academic papers.

  • Your message to current and prospective students

You will certainly enjoy the in-class atmosphere since people have interesting backgrounds and are sharing great international experiences. On top of that, MIM students are keen on getting top jobs afterwards which means they are highly motivated. Being in a management trainee program right now, I really feel that you will be given the chance to individually equip yourself with a tailor-made toolbox of skills, experiences and references which enables you to achieve your further career aspirations. Needless to say, that the network amongst alumni is an asset on its own.