Cristina Meinshausen - IPBS MIM Master
Cristina Meinshausen

USA-GER, 2014-15

She now works at:

International Customer Success Manager at Smarp, Helsinki Finland

  • What were your personal highlights during the MIM Programme?

The IPBS MIM program helped me to reinforce and refine my presentation skills, to work efficiently in a diverse, multicultural team and has offered international exposure. These leanings and experiences have set the basis for my daily work as an International Customer Success Manager at Smarp.

  • What makes the MIM Programme so unique?

What makes the MIM program so unique is the opportunity to exchange and share knowledge, as well as experience, through an international, rotational study program.

  • Your message to current and prospective students.

Enjoy every moment of your MIM study as it is a one in a lifetime experience. The MIM program is a great time to learn, work hard and engage with new individuals. It also is the best time to challenge yourself and to learn to appreciate your successes.

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