Christine Lanzinger - IPBS MIM Master
Christine Lanzinger

USA-D, 2013/14

She now works at:

Market management and pricing Mercedes-Benz Cars Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden at Daimler AG

  • What was your best experience during the MIM Program?

The best experience during the MIM programme was the classes in cooperation with American MBA students-they had a lot of working experience and shared this in class and during work assignments. Statistics classes, which explained not only the theoretical background, but also the practical usage of statistics.

  • What makes the MIM Program so unique?

The fact that it is so compact and the international framework of the MIM programme are absolutely unique.

  • Your message to current and prospective students

I would really recommend to current students to really enjoy this truly unique experience. It will be over sooner that you expect.

To prospective students, I would say take this opportunity to do a one-year-master which will give you a great insight in the practical world of business through the work experience of the professors and the strong emphasis on case studies.