Brandreth Canaley - IPBS MIM Master
Brandreth Canaley

MEX-USA, 2015/16

She now works at:

Director of Operations at Sextant Real Estate

  • What were your personal highlights during the MIM Programme?

Having graduated within IPBS for undergrad (NU-ICADE) and grad school (UDLAP-NU), I always enjoyed meeting friends of friends and constantly expanding my network. There may be many schools within IPBS, but it can feel like a small community.

On an academic level, I was most surprised with how much I truly enjoyed my classes. I took Global Supply Chain Management on a whim, and I absolutely loved it.

  • What makes the MIM Programme so unique?

Having the opportunity to study in two countries, to meet people from so many different backgrounds, is, to me, the most special part of the program. You can learn about business anywhere, but the environment and the people really make a difference.

  • Your message to current and prospective students

Take advantage of the cities you’re in. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the academics, especially if the style is different from what you are used to, but an important part of the program is exploring some place new.