Orientation week for MIM at ESB - IPBS MIM Master
Orientation week for MIM at ESB

Tour of Trigema and Zwiefalten Brewery

On Thursday, February 5th, 2015 thirty-four MIM students arrived in Reutlingen for the second of three study blocks in the MSc International Management programme. They spent their first study block in Boston, USA, Piazenza, Italy, Reims, France or in Puebla, Mexico. The first day was spent getting to know each other through information sessions and over lunch in our university’s cafeteria. They were also given a campus and library tour. The day ended with a city tour of Reutlingen and afterwards everyone was happy to finally arrive at the Rappen, a cozy restaurant downtown. Everyone received a welcome drink and Reutlingen’s specialty…a fresh baked pretzel.  They all seemed happy there since they could finally thaw out after the extreme cold temperatures they had to encounter during the tours.

On Wednesday, February 4th the students were welcomed with various information sessions and a catered lunch. Afterwards, we travelled to Tubingen for a city tour and dinner at the Neckarmüller brewery/restaurant. We almost lost a few during the tour since they were not used to our cold winter.