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  • The Alumni Experience of IPBS MIM

    The International Management Master’s degree programme offered by six partner schools of the IPBS (International Partnership of Business Schools) opens a lot of doors. It will give… Read more »

  • Your Career Prospects with the IPBS MIM

    The IPBS International Management Master’s degree programme opens a lot of doors. It is an incredible graduate degree option for fresh bachelor graduates with first work experience or if you are in the process… Read more »

  • IPBS MIM Offer

    Looking to accelerate your career and have an enriching global experience? The MS in International Management allows you to expand… Read more »

  • IPBS MIM Partner Schools and recognitions

    You can choose to do the IPBS MIM Programme among six top partner schools.  Every one of the schools have… Read more »

  • Congratulations to our recent MIM grads

    Congratulations to our recent MIM grads – ESB Graduation Ceremony, 24.03.2018 in Reutlingen, Germany. The IPBS MIM Team wishes you… Read more »

  • Master in International Management environment

    Your IPBS Master in International Management will compare splendidly with any other advance business graduate degree choice. So, as a… Read more »

  • Key characteristics to become a Global Business Leader

    The higher your function, the more difference you can make in your community. Becoming a Global Business Leader is no longer something… Read more »

  • 8 key reasons to study global Management

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to study only one degree but gain the tools for success in a multitude of other… Read more »

  • How a Master’s Degree keeps up with your future

    The Future is Now By the time you have reached the end of this article the future will have arrived…. Read more »

  • What is Big Data and why it is important in today’s world

    Stability is no longer the benchmark of success in business. Today, a business has to focus on agility and innovation… Read more »

  • How to write the perfect cover letter

    Money can’t buy you happiness. But it is more comfortable to cry in a sports car than it is on… Read more »

  • MIM Annual Alumni Event at ESB

    The MIM Alumni Event has become an established part of the MIM-calendar and provides current students with an excellent chance… Read more »