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  • Welcome to the new MIM Class of 2019 in Reutlingen

    Sunny smiles from the new MIM class despite cold temperatures! The ESB welcomes its new group of 29 students to… Read more »

  • The Alumni Experience of IPBS MIM

    The International Management Master’s degree programme offered by five partner schools of the IPBS (International Partnership of Business Schools) opens a lot of… Read more »

  • Your Career Prospects with the IPBS MIM

    The IPBS International Management Master’s degree programme opens a lot of doors. It is an incredible graduate degree option for fresh bachelor graduates with first work experience or if you are in the process… Read more »

  • IPBS MIM Offer

    Looking to accelerate your career and have an enriching global experience? The MS in International Management allows you to expand… Read more »

  • IPBS MIM Partner Schools and recognitions

    You can choose to do the IPBS MIM Programme among six top partner schools.  Every one of the schools have… Read more »

  • Congratulations to our recent MIM grads

    Congratulations to our recent MIM grads – ESB Graduation Ceremony, 24.03.2018 in Reutlingen, Germany. The IPBS MIM Team wishes you… Read more »

  • Master in International Management environment

    Your IPBS Master in International Management will compare splendidly with any other advance business graduate degree choice. So, as a… Read more »

  • Key characteristics to become a Global Business Leader

    The higher your function, the more difference you can make in your community. Becoming a Global Business Leader is no longer something… Read more »

  • 8 key reasons to study global Management

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to study only one degree but gain the tools for success in a multitude of other… Read more »

  • How a Master’s Degree keeps up with your future

    The Future is Now By the time you have reached the end of this article the future will have arrived…. Read more »

  • What is Big Data and why it is important in today’s world

    Stability is no longer the benchmark of success in business. Today, a business has to focus on agility and innovation… Read more »

  • How to write the perfect cover letter

    Money can’t buy you happiness. But it is more comfortable to cry in a sports car than it is on… Read more »