MIM Annual Alumni Event at ESB - IPBS MIM Master
MIM Annual Alumni Event at ESB

The MIM Alumni Event has become an established part of the MIM-calendar and provides current students with an excellent chance to network with alumni and in the process to see what job opportunities the MIM offers them. On Sat 24th March, 10 alumni presented the companies they are now working for, gave insights into their career paths with these companies and helpful hints and tips to the current MIM students on what these companies are actually looking for in a recruit. Many of them were actively looking for interns who wished to write their thesis with their companies. The companies were Bosch (Michael Oberdorfer, Acquisition Manager, MIM 2015/16 MX/ESB); EY (Christof Müller,Consultant, People Advisory Services – Global Equity, MIM 2009/10 NEU/ESB); Amazon Retail (Edmund Hoischen, Manager Vendor Services, MIM 2011/12 NEU/ESB); Rittersport (Colin Dinkelacker, In-house Consultant, MIM 2014/15, NEU/ESB); Salesforce (Franziska Ulmer, Associate Business Analyst Marketing; MIM 2016/17 MX/ESB); Catalina Marketing (Lisa Steinberg, CRM Consultant, MIM 2014/15 NEU/ESB); Hugo Boss (Sophie Bohn, Junior Manager Menswear, MIM 2015/16, NEU/ESB); Strategy& (Christina Laake, Junior Consultant, MIM 2015/16, IT/ESB); Mücke Sturm & Company (Lukas Wendel, Consultant, MIM 2015/16 FR/ESB); Yasmin Richwien, Consultant, MIM 2015/16, NEOMA/ESB.