Meet Anastasia Prokofyeva, a Russian student on the MIM Programme (NEOMA-ESB track) - IPBS MIM Master
Meet Anastasia Prokofyeva, a Russian student on the MIM Programme (NEOMA-ESB track)

Get more insights and learn about Anastasia’s experience with the IPBS MIM Porgramme

Where did you do your bachelor’s degree?

My bachelor’s degree in Management I got in Russia, Moscow at RANEPA (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) at the faculty of IBS (International Business Studies).

Why have you decided to do the NEOMA-ESB MIM programme?

First of all, it gives me the opportunity to get the most from both schools in terms of knowledge and building my network. Secondly, the program allows me to study in two European countries, enabling me to better understand how to adapt to and work in the European market.

Why did you choose these two schools?

My choice of NEOMA was made based on information I got during my bachelor degree. IBS and NEOMA are international exchange partners, so I heard good reviews from friends who went there. Speaking of ESB, first of all I was looking for a German university to continue studying business and management. So, I checked several reviews and rankings platforms to find a suitable school for my Master’s and it was ESB Business School!

What value added do you expect the MIM to give your profile?

The program will allow me to be more valuable as a professional on the market. It will broaden my portfolio as it combines international content and international exposure by actually living and studying in two countries. Plus, I also have the option of writing my thesis with a company – in Germany or anywhere else in world – which means I can also gain more work experience during the programme.

What do you hope to do when you have finished your master studies?

After finishing my master’s degree, I hope to work in a large International or German company in Germany, ideally in the area of consultancy or the automotive industry.

What were the highlights of the study block in Reims for you?

Speaking in terms of the business school (NEOMA) itself, the obvious thing was that it was very international, even in our class of 40 students, we had 13 nationalities. The modules were well-planned in terms of the order in which we studied them. The content logically structured and the modules were connected with one another so that I felt it made sense to have these modules. Concerning the city of Reims, it’s small (when you come from Moscow!) but, nice. It is a great place to study and an ideal base from which to explore in your free time (e.g. Paris is very close). It has its own fascinating history and then there are the Champagne houses…!!

What is like to be a MIM student at the ESB?

I really like being a student at the ESB. I find the international atmosphere of the school very exciting. I feel I am learning a lot in the lectures and there is a good level of support provided for international students. The programme definitely has a lot of work attached to it with group and individual assignments, but I feel that these are helping me to improve my business knowledge and my skillset. There is definitely a difference to being an undergraduate as you are expected to be more organized and more self-motivated, without being pushed by your professors.


The interview was carried out by Prof. Dr. Niamh O’Mahony