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How a Master’s Degree keeps up with your future

The Future is Now

By the time you have reached the end of this article the future will have arrived. New innovations, A.I., machine learning, virtual reality, 3D printing and the internet of things will all have been very busy changing the job market. Some career paths might have become obsolete and others may have been fundamentally altered. New industries and new roles will have been created. Others will have disappeared. We all have to accept that this is simply the pace that our universe is moving at now.

A Critical Choice

But does it mean professional credentials cannot be tasked with remaining competitive in the current career market? This can certainly be the case in some areas and it makes your choice of degree critical. A Master’s in Management is designed to keep up with the future. With a curriculum that runs along the cutting edge of business practice, it will specifically equip you with timeless core leadership and technical skills. Within the Business School environment, you will also have access to all the latest innovations affecting the shape of the business world, in real time and into the future.

Start-up Shortcuts

When you are an entrepreneur ready to launch a start-up, you might be hesitant about investing the time to earn a degree, but a Master’s in Business can very well be your shortcut to all the fundamental business knowledge and skills which you will then be able to put into practice immediately, as well as access to the support, resources and inspiration that you can gain from an experienced faculty and challenge judges.

You may even be able to focus your degree with a specialization in entrepreneurship, gaining both a solid foundation in business knowledge and incredible start-up credentials which will be an invaluable asset when you have to sell your idea to your potential investors.

The Right People

Business School is also the ideal networking opportunity and you will have access not only to like-minded peers and professors but might even meet life-long business partners or mentors. As long as humans are in charge of doing business, it will be a case of who you know… and Business School guarantees an introduction to the right people.

It is the best long-term decision an entrepreneur can make.

You also become part of the long chain of human knowledge passed down from famous scientists and philosophers.

Timing is Everything

Remember when we said the future will have arrived by the end of this article? Well, Business Schools know how fast things happen in the real world and they have many accelerated options available for study at graduate level.

You can fit your degree into one year. Or do a Dual Degree Programme and complete an MBA with a specialized Masters in 18 months. (In case you broke out the calculator and a sweat worrying about taking that career break: most students see a 99% increase on their pre-MBA salaries.)

Show them the Funding

How to fund the Master’s in Management? There are many scholarships recognising the unique skills, experience and potential of students. Funding range from academic excellence to social impact and women in business and alternative funding and grant options may be available through your home country or external organisations. Current employers may also be willing to invest in a degree and future career progression.

Back to the Future

Your Master’s can also finally allow you the legitimate opportunity to travel and rotate through campuses around the world. If you were always waiting for one day in the future before seeing the rest of the world, your Master’s can bring the future to your doorstep. In some areas studying abroad for research purposes is required and you will be ahead of the curve.

And that is not the only ‘one day’ wish that a master’s can fulfil.

 Maybe Someday

If you secretly (or not so secretly) always wanted to start a new career, prepare for a doctorate degree, expand your knowledge of fields related to your current area of specialisation, study a field you love and explore future employment in that area, acquire skills in new technologies and methods that have developed in your field, improve your relative standing in a competitive field and gain recognition and credibility to cement your position within your job market, prepare for a project that requires expertise, gain professional resources available in a particular city, take advantage of the resources you would expect from a world-class research university or just do something brand new… a Master’s in Management is the perfect answer to bringing the ‘maybe someday’ right onto your doorstep and turning it into a concrete reality .

How will your Master’s Degree Future-Proof you?

As with any other similar level programme, achieving a Master’s degree immediately sets you apart from other candidates applying for the same position:

  • Prospective employers will know they can expect a combination of discipline-specific skills like critical thinking, analytic ability and time management from you
  • Your degree also comes with an inbuilt guarantee of persistence, determination, intellectual prowess and the ability to handle challenging environments

This all translates into an increased eligibility for jobs.

Increasingly career sectors are requiring a minimum of a Master’s degree for employment.

Businesses want people who have already demonstrated success in long-term situations requiring:

  • stamina
  • discipline
  • leadership and
  • the ability to work in a team

as this predicts the capacity to grow with opportunity within their organisation. For these reasons even entry-level position applications for many careers are only considered if candidates hold a master’s degree.

Your MIM will simply open more doors.

A Degree is Forever

And once you step through the door, it will help you keep your job as well. Unemployment rates fall considerably for individuals with higher degrees.

Because the Master’s degree syllabus keeps up with the times they are becoming increasingly professionalised with an expanded focus on preparation for careers in government, non-profit and business settings. There is clear evidence that an Master has a marked positive effect on the holder’s financial outcome with a reported percentage difference in average annual salary.

Even if your ultimate goal is not to pursue a career in business, the demand for services in education and non-profit sectors continue to grow and as a successful leader and innovator you will be a sought after candidate to fill roles in these zones.

Personal Perks

The personal benefits from a Master’s in Management will differ for each individual.

  1. Whilst everyone will achieve a deep sense of achievement from the accomplishment, some students also report a marked increase in confidence engendered through engaging in activities required whilst studying for their Master
  2. Personal development goes hand in hand with learning new skills (and especially so if you choose to study away from your home country and have to adapt to another culture as well)
  3. At Master’s level students are more mature than undergraduates and the friendships forged here may last for the rest of your life
  4. Immense academic, intellectual and work-related skills can be acquired by individuals already in the process of building a career
  5. Relatively narrow professional areas are served, and theory and practical getting-things-done education is provided in a mix of academic rigor and practical real-world experience
  6. Students come away with transferable and complementary skills that will impact daily work routines
  7. And, of course, there is that significant difference in earning potential to consider. Employers are becoming more and more apt to use educational qualifications as an important screening measure in the selection process for jobs. The relationship between advanced university education and salary is correspondingly becoming more and more prominent. If you calculate the compounded difference over a lifetime with the potential to secure steeper pay increases and other financial rewards the outcome at retirement is quite staggering

Whether you frame the benefits in financial, career or personal development terms, it is impossible to ignore the facts. A Master’s in business studies like IPBS MIM will improve your life immeasurably. It will also ensure that you are never redundant, no matter how fast the future arrives.