Master in International Management environment - IPBS MIM Master
Master in International Management environment

Your IPBS Master in International Management will compare splendidly with any other advance business graduate degree choice. So, as a student, you can immediately start enjoying the environment, safe in the knowledge that you will be reaping all the possible benefits of having made the right decision for your future.

There is generally no need to pass a GMAT exam and the MIM is currently gaining popularity and becoming ever more accepted in the business world as an alternative to degrees like an MBA.

When you commence your MIM you will immediately find yourself in an atmosphere where you will be studying with people from different cultures from around the world, who speak diverse languages and have unique approaches to life.

Fast track

The compact, one-year programme is fast and intense and very similar to a real business environment and will allow you to transition from graduate school to a position of employment swiftly and efficiently. While the MIM frees you from any limitations regarding having to meet the costs of programmes within your immediate area by allowing you to take your studies in other cities or even abroad, the one-year programme is also as cost effective as possible.

How do You Meet New People?

If you want international exposure and decide to enrol at a school with multiple campuses and opportunities to study and undertake internships overseas, you will definitely succeed in achieving your goals.

Some students even study at one campus and do an internship at a consultancy in another country. Others might start a job with a company in yet another country just after having completed their courses.

It is also important to study the international diversity of the class and teaching faculty before you enrol into a particular programme. You want to be sure that you will be studying with individuals from different nationalities as this will ultimately enhance your employability.

Once you have made your choice, it is possible for you to make contact with some of your future classmates before you even leave for your course abroad via applications like WhatsApp or Facebook groups. As soon as you arrive, you will have the opportunity to meet up with some of your classmates and during your free time, after class and over weekends, there will be space to enjoy chatting and spending time together and, in some instances, engaging in new pastimes.

How Global is the Environment?

The international experience is truly that. Diverse groups will work together and not only will you find yourself sharing one team with people from countries such as Germany, Austria, India, Italy, Netherland, Mexico and Portugal for instance, but within groups everyone will also come from different backgrounds and experiences. And then, added to everything else, there are the general differences in work style and personalities. These multicultural teams who have to face and solve complex problems together mimic a global company and schools may even go so far as to also organise events celebrating the festivals and celebrations of the multicultural community.

New Experiences You May Have

International schools often run numerous clubs and societies like Latino Dance Club or Language classes which are not only great fun but also a fabulous way to get to know new people. Clubs might celebrate a particular culture but when you attend you will find that the club has members from Lebanon, France, Germany, USA, Spain, Colombia, India and many more. And if you choose a school that is ranked well internationally, it will attract a type of person who is willing to meet new people, who enjoys exchanging ideas and supporting each other.

Will I Find a Job with my MIM Qualification?

Of a cross section of IPBS MIM LinkedIn graduates, we can say that over 12% were in employment and only 1.69% were not employed. All the others found a job just after the graduation as you can read in the following point. 

How Long will it Take to Find a Job Once You Graduate

From the available information, 47% of the IPBS MIM graduates found employment within 3 months following graduation. 17.5% could find work within the 3-6-month window. The six to twelve-month period showed a further 22.8% employed and the remaining found work after around twelve months from graduation.

Which Industry are You Most Likely to Work in

The IPBS MIM degree is geared towards scenarios in the business world that are focused on management. Subjects concentrate on analytical or mathematical skills that translate well into leadership roles in business and subjects like marketing, project management and human resources are covered particularly well.

According to one LinkedIn Alumni statistics study, IPBS MIM graduates have increased from 14 in 2004 to 80 in 2016 and 43.49% of graduates are female. At the time of the study, 22.53% of the MIM graduates were working in Operations Management, almost 18% of MIM graduates were working in Administration or Controlling and Finance, close to 17% were working in Marketing and Sales, Management Consulting came in at just a touch under 14% and General Management was very close to 11%. A sprinkling of graduates now also worked in Banking & Finance and HR and bringing in the rear was one graduate who worked in Services and one Entrepreneur.

Where in the World are You Most Likely to Work?

IPBS MIM graduates were now working all over the world. Out of a cross-section of LinkedIn MIM graduates, 103 were now working in Germany and 38 were employed in France, whilst 22 had other countries listed under their employment, 16 were working in the USA and Ireland, 13 in Italy, 11 in the UK, 7 in both Switzerland and the Netherlands, 6 in Austria, Spain and Mexico and 2 in Sweden and China

How Much can I Earn with my MIM Qualification?

7.23% reported a salary of in excess of 50,000¢. The 20-50,000¢ band was reported by 6.5%

There is little direct competition between someone graduating with an MBA and an MIM graduate. The MIM graduate is simply at a different point in their degree. Direct enrolment, without the need for long work experiences allows MIM graduates to enter the business world with a truly international background. Graduates will already have the advantage of having acquired a network made up out of a likeminded and truly international community.

Source: data gathered from an alumni survey in March 2017


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