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The cost of living can vary greatly according to each person’s living standards.  A student handbook for Reutlingen is available for download on the main website of the university which has a section on the approximate costs (English version available): Reutlingen-University

There is a registration fee of EUR 157,80 per semester in Reutlingen.

Based on the information given in the student handbook, an estimation of a student’s minimum monthly budget including accommodation, utilities, food and public transportation is about EUR 800.

Information on the cost of living in Ireland can be obtained at:



An estimation of a student’s minimum monthly budget including accommodation, utilities, food and public transportation is between 600 and 800 euros per month.

The cost of living may vary greatly according to each person’s living standards.  Further information about living in Puebla is available for consultation at: http://www.udlap.mx/international/, under “Student Life”. The webpage gives an overall information about student life at UDLAP and also provides an estimate of the cost of living. As international currencies (USD and Euros) tend to be stronger than the Mexican Peso, international students find living in Puebla very cost effective, many times paying about up to 50% less than in their countries of origin, let it be in the US or Europe.



Here below you’ll find some approximate prices for goods and services in Piacenza that can let you understand the average cost of living for a student here.

Large beer Euro 5.00
1 Liter of fresh milk Euro 1.60
Dinner/luunch at a pizzeria  (beer, pizza, dessert, coffee, service charge) Euro 15.00-20.00
Breakfast (cappuccino and croissant) Euro 2.20- 2,50
Meal at the university canteen Euro 5.00-7.00
Disco entrance Euro 10.00-15.00
Public mass transit ticket  (valid for 75 minutes): Euro  1.20
Monthly mass transit car Euro 22.50
Movie theater entrance Euro 5.00 on Mondays, Euro 7.50 – 8.00 on the other days

Students at Reutlingen University have two main options for accommodation:  student residences (dorms) or a private room/apartment.  The student residences are not part of the university.

Student residences:

International students may apply officially for a room in the dorms run by the GWG Housing Association or the local student offices (Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim) in Tübingen.


Prices range from approximately EUR 170 to EUR 350 for a single room, and EUR 140 to EUR 200 for a double room. Special guest apartments have been reserved on a limited basis for our Masters students in this programme. These are furnished single apartments with a private bathroom, shower and kitchen. They are located in one of the dormitories on campus. The current cost for these apartments is EUR 285 per month. When applying for these apartments please contact Julie Dengler for the application (only students who have been accepted into MSc International Management programme should direct housing questions to Mrs. Dengler): Julie.dengler@reutlingen-university.de

Private housing:

Please see the following link for the university database on private housing (only available in German):


Further general information can be found at:




Both on and off campus accommodation is available in Dublin.  Further information concerning on-campus lodging is available at: http://www.dcuaccommodation.ie/ .  Students must however be aware that on-campus lodging may be a problem due to the fact that they will be in Dublin for only part of the academic year.  Furthermore, closing dates need to be observed.

Information concerning off-campus lodging is also available at:  http://www.dcuaccommodation.ie/accommodation/off-campus-accommodation

Ideally located in France as well as at the heart of Europe, Reims has naturally become a major industrial crossroads: pharmaceuticals, health care, food industry, bio technology, wines and spirits, etc. Click here to learn about life in Reims: http://www.neoma-bs.com/en/about-neoma-bs/campuses/reims

On campus: ACOBHA-residence halls. Our special partner offers 270 rooms and studios from 25 to 53 m² from €450 per month. www.acobha.fr/

Near the campuses or in the city centre you can also find accommodation in student residences or private flats, take a room in a youth centre, or choose to share your accommodation with a senior or disadvantaged citizen.

NEOMA BS has its own accommodation platform to assist you with:

  • Finding/offering accommodation
  • Finding flatmate(s) and organising flat-shares
  • Finding/offering sublets
  • Finding/offering temporary rooms


Already a student?

Use your INSIDE user name and password to connect via intranet

Future students?

Register with an enrolment key, which you can obtain from NEOMA BS.

Contact: celine.articlaut@neoma-bs.fr

Property owners can display offers of accommodation.?Professionals should contact the site: contact@studapart.com

There are several solutions to find housing in Puebla:

Residential Colleges:

If you choose to live in a Residential College, you will be offered one of two options:

A.  sharing your bedroom with a national student:  cost about MXN 19,100

B.  individual bedroom:  cost about MXN 22,650-  28,600

The common area is shared with your seven national flat mates.  Suites are equipped with kitchen, living area, toilet/shower facilities, and washer/dryer. Please note that kitchen utensils are not provided.  Also, you have the option to rent linen upon arrival, but it is not always available the first night.

The entire cost of the room is charged upon reservation.  Hence, any cancellation must be made before the deadline. You must consult the Residential College rules at:  http://www.udlap.mx/internas/alojamiento.aspx ,

or you may visit the following site


Off-Campus apartment:

If you prefer to live off-campus, finding an apartment or house is your responsibility.  The International Affairs Office does not provide information regarding apartments.  The best way to find an apartment is to arrive a few days prior to the first day of the welcome program.  You will have to make reservation in a hotel until you find your roommates and apartment

Monthly rents vary from about MXN 3,000 to 12,000.

For any futher information please contact the International office at:


Have a look at the latest UDLAP guidebook    http://www.udlap.mx/internacional/descargas/InternationalStudentGuidebook.pdf