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German/EU applicants who have already obtained a master degree at a German university are subject to pay an additional €650 per semester.
Applicants from non-EU countries are subject to pay €1.500 per semester if they do not complete the programme within the given 3 semesters.

Yes, there is a EUR 50 nonrefundable application fee.

The fee covers the processing of your application and does not include travel, lodging and living expenses (in case of interview).

The Application fee must be paid online (via PayPal or credit card) once you submit the Application Form.


Cost of the Study Programme 2019/20

The total cost of the Study Programme varies based on whether the applicant is from an EU country or from an international origin.

You can see the programme costs when you choose your track/degree at the following link: choose your degree

Other expenses must be also considered, such as:

  • Travel, lodging and living expenses (including health insurance)
  • Textbooks
  • Repeat modules and/or resit examinations (rarely available)
  • All other miscellaneous expenses

Some schools are also required by law to charge a registration fee, specific to each school. Please note, that extracurricular activities must be paid separately (language courses included).


The programme may be paid for:

In one bank transfer, upon formal registration or in three instalments, no later than the following dates: 1st transfer (EUR 1,000) upon formal registration, 2nd transfer, no later than 15th September 2019 and 3rd transfer no later than 30th November 2019.

The actual amounts of the last two transfers depend on the track the student has enrolled in and will be indicated on the study place offer sent to the candidates who have been offered a place on the programme. The EUR 1,000 deposit is not refundable in case of withdrawal (see the IPBS refund policy concerning the initial EUR 1,000 deposit in the FAQs above).

Some schools (e.g. ESB) are required by law to charge a registration fee that covers access to the various facilities and available discounts at the school. Students will be informed by the schools with further details.

It all depends on the school. Some schools do not charge registration fees. Others (e.g. ESB) levy a fee for each semester.

Should a student wish to withdraw from the MIM programme, their individual case will be reviewed by the MIM Programme Directors’ Board of IPBS. It will be at the discretion of this board to decide if any refund will be made. The decision taken by this board is final, with no possible appeal.

As the application form and website clearly state, the initial EUR 1000, deposited to confirm your decision to accept your place and proceed to the enrollment phase,  is not refundable in case of withdrawal.
However, should you not meet the minimum enrollment requirements stated in the Study Place Offer after having accepted your place; you can file a request for the refund of the initial EUR 1,000 with the IPBS – MIM
Your request will be presented at the next meeting of the IPBS Board of Directors. The decision taken by the MIM Programme Directors of IPBS is final, with no possible appeal.