What is the cost of living in Italy? - IPBS MIM Master
What is the cost of living in Italy?

Here below you’ll find some approximate prices for goods and services in Piacenza that can let you understand the average cost of living for a student here.

Large beer Euro 5.00
1 Liter of fresh milk Euro 1.60
Dinner/luunch at a pizzeria  (beer, pizza, dessert, coffee, service charge) Euro 15.00-20.00
Breakfast (cappuccino and croissant) Euro 2.20- 2,50
Meal at the university canteen Euro 5.00-7.00
Disco entrance Euro 10.00-15.00
Public mass transit ticket  (valid for 75 minutes): Euro  1.20
Monthly mass transit car Euro 22.50
Movie theater entrance Euro 5.00 on Mondays, Euro 7.50 – 8.00 on the other days