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How to find housing in Puebla (Mexico)?

There are several solutions to find housing in Puebla:

Residential Colleges:

If you choose to live in a Residential College, you will be offered one of two options:

A.  sharing your bedroom with a national student:  cost about MXN 19,100

B.  individual bedroom:  cost about MXN 22,650-  28,600

The common area is shared with your seven national flat mates.  Suites are equipped with kitchen, living area, toilet/shower facilities, and washer/dryer. Please note that kitchen utensils are not provided.  Also, you have the option to rent linen upon arrival, but it is not always available the first night.

The entire cost of the room is charged upon reservation.  Hence, any cancellation must be made before the deadline. You must consult the Residential College rules at: ,

or you may visit the following site

Off-Campus apartment:

If you prefer to live off-campus, finding an apartment or house is your responsibility.  The International Affairs Office does not provide information regarding apartments.  The best way to find an apartment is to arrive a few days prior to the first day of the welcome program.  You will have to make reservation in a hotel until you find your roommates and apartment

Monthly rents vary from about MXN 3,000 to 12,000.

For any futher information please contact the International office at:

Have a look at the latest UDLAP guidebook