Drills to the ready! - IPBS MIM Master
Drills to the ready!

On Thursday, April 25th, the current ESB MIM students visited the HILTI headquarters in Kaufering near Landsberg am Lech. Magdalena Sáenz, Director of Recruiting and Personal Marketing in the Department of Human Resources, gave us an overview of what HILTI does. She arranged several meetings for us with other departments which took place throughout the day. Alex Breusch, Head of Marketing, gave the students many reasons why HILTI is such a great place to work. Founded in 1941 in Liechtenstein by the Hilti family, it is still family owned. They do business in over 120 countries on 6 continents. They have a great bond with their customers which helps to make their company one of the most successful of its kind. We were given a tour of the drill bit factory before enjoying a delicious lunch in their cafeteria. After lunch, we were met by an ESB MBA graduate, Dirk Hahn and his colleague Michael Sindram, both Sales Professionals, who gave us a great pep talk about how they began their careers with HILTI and what the company has to offer not only their customers, but also their employees. We then were greeted by Heidi Dietz and Leo Wiedmann of the Training Department who gave us durable and smart looking HILTI coveralls to put on to protect our clothing and turned us loose on their machines so we could try them out which also gave us a great impression of their durability and capabilities. Thank you HILTI for a great visit!