Design Thinking at Bosch - IPBS MIM Master
Design Thinking at Bosch

Personnel training and development has been and still remains an important issue for companies of all types and sizes. A rather new method of showing participants ways to refresh their ability to think outside-the-box is known as Design Thinking. This is basically an iterative process that seeks to understand a user and to create a high-quality user experience. At Robert Bosch GmbH this solution-based approach is used to solve problems, to understand the user, to challenge assumptions and to redefine problems. The hands-on method can result in identifying alternative strategies or completely new solutions.

During their recent visit to the Bosch Power Tools plant in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, the ESB-MIM class had the opportunity to gain a sneak peek at the company’s Design Thinking process. They gained insight into emphasising the pains of users, defining the problem, ideating a possible solution and prototyping using such things as Lego and play dough. The workshop leaders, Erika Moor and Ilona Dieval-Lozache, were Bosch employees, who have been specially trained to carry out these Design Thinking workshops. The workshop was a real hit with the MIM students who felt the experience had introduced them to new ways of thinking and heightened their interest in entrepreneurship.