Annual MIM Alumni Event at ESB - IPBS MIM Master
Annual MIM Alumni Event at ESB

This year’s annual ESB MIM Alumni Event took place on campus on the afternoon of 20th February. This year’s MIM class were able to meet and talk to MIM alumni working in such diverse areas as asset management, consulting and the car industry. The event was very professionally organized by two MIM alumni from the class of 2013/14, Cristina Meinhausen and Melanie Schmid (both from USA-D). Three alumni presented the companies they are working for, their jobs and the career paths open to MIM students in their organisations. Xenia Davidoff (MIM 2013/14, MX-D), Consultant, presented Allianz Consulting. Klaus Gehlenborg (MIM 2012/13, US-D), Product Manager, gave an insight into Schroders Real Estate and asset management and event co-organiser, Melanie Schmid spoke about her role in strategic marketing and CRM China at Jansen, a position she acquired having written her master thesis with the company. The current MIM students were able to benefit from the experiences not only of those in the class immediately above them, but also from those alumni who have been several years in the workplace.