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8 key reasons to study global Management

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to study only one degree but gain the tools for success in a multitude of other spheres of life? If that sounds too good to be true you have not considered a Management degree because when you earn one, this is exactly the kind of magic that transpires.

The inner working of any organisation is fascinating.

Why do people form companies and why do those companies arrange the activities that go on within and around them in the specific way that they choose to do it, why is every organisation so different from the next (even within direct competitors within the same industry)? These are all questions that a Management degree investigates and aims to answer.

Not only is a Business School in the business of teaching students how people actually behave in real organisations, but it also pulls the nature of power, influence and leadership into sharp focus.

It isn’t difficult to see how all of this knowledge will benefit you, whether you dream of becoming an entrepreneur, only consider working for yourself, can see yourself heading your own company, want to work for a private business or are thinking of becoming involved in non-profit organisations or government agencies.

But, these observations are only a small window onto the varied, complex and intricate landscape of a Management degree.

 Here are 8 Excellent Reasons to Choose a Management Degree.

  1. Perfecting the Art of Communication

In Business School you will constantly be tasked with drafting pitches and emails and reports. Your ideas will be challenged by international lecturers and students and you will have to analyse, respond diplomatically and somehow carry your point across the finish line without crossing any cultural line. All whilst achieving good grades.

Attending courses on organisational behaviour and theory, communication and employment relations, you will hone your corresponding skills to perfection. It is a practical impossibility to leave business school without having gained an immeasurable degree of communication skills and interpersonal and cross-cultural knowledge.

You will find yourself applying your proficiency and reaping the rewards from your know-how daily, for the remainder of your life. In business and in your personal life.

  1. Knowing How to Close the Deal

Understanding your audience and creatively appealing to its needs is half the battle won in every war. Business School Marketing will teach you the basic premises of the successful sale, ensuring you will master the ABC’s of negotiation and placing you in the ideal position from where you can repeatedly emerge the winner. Once again, your skills will be tested by a truly diverse, international cohort. Business Schools have more than double the number of international students than the next highest subject group of engineering and technology has, and this will give you ample opportunity to develop strategies that can adapt to different situations and cultures.

When the time comes for you to seal the important deals of your future career, you will be more than capable and ready to drive a satisfying bargain that leaves all parties feeling as if they have emerged the victors.

  1. Understanding The Numbers

The accounting basics you learn in Business School will set you up for starting your own venture and running your own financial affairs well. In and out of business. Because it is a fact of life that, no matter where you find yourself, you will have to manage finances.

A Management degree will establish secure personal finances that are always well looked after. And with a solid understanding of how to manage finances you will be in a position to drive business performance in the right direction regardless of the position and career path you choose. This will make you a valued member of any team and put you on solid ground whenever you venture out alone in business.

  1. Learning from the Shark Tank

Case-based learning is the mainstay of any Business School. Real-life applications are used at every turn.

If you dream of starting your own business, then business school will test your entrepreneurial ideas and skills to the utmost. You will have the chance to test-drive your future business and investigate all the demands a successful entrepreneur will face. Your peers and professors will challenge your creativity, innovation and demand a strong execution strategy throughout.

Business School is a much safer and less expensive testing ground than the real world and once you emerge with your degree you will have a fully-fledged business plan to work from.

  1. Becoming an Investment & Finance Genius

Basic economic principles, the effect of world events, of major markets, the accurate assessment of the financial health of firms, how to invest successfully in stocks, bonds or real estate for the best ROI and how to take out financial loans profitably – all these matters and more will be addressed in Business School.

While most individuals find many of these topics akin to Latin or have, at best a very limited understanding of any of them, Business School graduates have a firm grasp of the investment and finance world and this generally sets them apart in the handling of their personal and business affairs. Regardless of their chosen careers.

  1. Making all the Right Connections

As the world is a small place and business is becoming more of a global endeavour, Business Schools are increasingly reflecting the trend throughout their courses with standard specialist international modules.

All the different industries on the planet can ultimately benefit from the same project solving resources that someone who takes an analytical and cost-effective approach can apply. This crossover between theoretical and practical work often comes into play with Business Schools offering high calibre work placements. Some schools may even offer a year abroad.

Relevant connections within the global generation, that you have picked up through your time at Business School, will also place you in a good position to manage the operational logistics of complex projects.

And when it comes to searching for your ideal job when you complete your studies, both your practical and your international experience will count in your favour as a candidate.

  1. Indulging in ALL Your Passions

You can combine your Business education with another interest and take a dual honours degree. This is a very common offer and allows you to combine your business education with your passion.

In fact, as business is a very broad area you really can tailor your degree according to your career aspirations or keep your education widespread to allow you to specialise later in life.

Flexibility in a degree is somewhat unusual and the particular and unique adjustability of your Management degree translates easily into career flexibility.

  1. Preparing for Any Alternative

If you decide (at any point) to do something entirely other than business after all, every skill you had learnt in Business School will prove entirely transferable.

Understanding how an organisation operates, communicating effectively, making decisions, planning the finances and presenting your case will assist you everywhere else you may travel along your career path.

Management encompasses the roles of directing, leading, planning, encouraging, cajoling, coaching and organising and can benefit any other part of your life. Whether you are an economist, a marketer or a stay at home parent, your effectiveness will depend on your understanding of your environment and the people in it and your ability to get things done.

Business School is a tool to prepare you for a career in business. If you specialise it can prepare you for an exclusive role within a particular industry. But regardless of the courses you choose, a Management degree like IPBS MIM will ultimately also prepare you for the rest of your life.