Interview with Vaea Debrune (IPBS French-German link 2018), MIM Student (Irish-German link 2018/19) - IPBS MIM Master
Interview with Vaea Debrune (IPBS French-German link 2018), MIM Student (Irish-German link 2018/19)

Vaea, you are a graduate of the double degree BSc International Management between the ESB Business School at Reutlingen University & NEOMA Business School, why have you decided to do the Dublin-Reutlingen  MIM program for your master studies?

I have chosen the MIM program as it is a part of the IPBS network, therefore allowing me to build on the knowledge I obtained during my four years of undergraduate study. I was very satisfied with the double-degree program and I know the teaching provided by the IPBS network is excellent since I was able to experience it first hand as an undergraduate. So for me it was a natural next step to decide to do the MIM program. The fact that the whole program is taught in English was very important for me in order to improve my English skills. At the same time being able to practice German daily in Reutlingen outside of classes allows me also to maintain my level of German.

Why did you choose these two schools?

I decided to continue studying at the ESB because I was really impressed by the quality of the school during my undergraduate studies. Also I really want to work in Germany after my studies and I know that choosing ESB will help to open a lot of doors to me in interesting companies in the Germany. During my Bachelor I already had the opportunity to talk with many Irish people. Their openness and friendly character as well as their positive feedback about their studies at DCU and the city of Dublin made me want to study there and learn more about Ireland.

What value added do you expect the MIM to give your profile?

My expectations from the MIM program are the following:

  • Making my profile even more international.
  • Improving my written and oral skills in
  • Advancing my knowledge regarding international management.
  • Increasing my job opportunities (in terms of position and salary) as the master degree is a higher level degree than the Bachelor.

What do you hope to do when you have finished your master studies?

I am currently interested in the automotive sector and would like to work in supply chain after my studies.

What were the highlights of the study block in Dublin for you?

Living in Dublin for one semester was an amazing experience. The huge campus is like a little town. I remember how impressed I was the first time I saw it! The exploration of the country with its beautiful and very wild landscapes remain one of the best memories. I enjoyed walking along the River Liffey in Dublin when the sun was shining and I really appreciated the kindness of the local inhabitants.

How is being a graduate student at the ESB different to being an undergraduate?

The master degree builds on and advances the knowledge acquired at bachelor level. As with ESB undergraduate programmes, you also need to be organised and motivated to succeed in the MIM programme. What I like in the graduate program is that there are less students per class, the courses are more interactive and the teachers are closer to their students.

The interview was carried out by Prof. Dr. Niamh O’Mahony, MIM Programme Director at ESB Business School.