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10 benefits to do a Master abroad

Studying abroad is an idea that tends to polarise people. Some are struck with fear and trepidation at the thought of packing up an entire life and leaving everything they know behind. Others are filled with excitement when faced with the same scenario.

Regardless of which side of this fence you find yourself, you should consider taking your Master’s Degree at an international school.

And here are 10 reasons why studying for a master’s Degree Abroad is one of the best decisions you can make for your future:

  1. It is an Incredible Opportunity to Travel (that won’t come around again)

You might have many holidays to look forward to in your lifetime… but the chance to truly immerse yourself within another culture will never be a regular occurrence. If you are lucky enough to grab the chance of living in another country with both hands, you may also find yourself suddenly within easy reach of neighbouring countries, cultures, landmarks and natural wonders.

All of these exciting new opportunities may even have you trying new adventures like snow and water sports or other cultural activities like amateur plays or dancing. Endeavours that you might never have considered at home.

And from the other side of your studies, looking back upon your masters, you will be entrenched in your career, the moment will have passed, and you will be caught up in many commitments that will very possibly not include an urgent and pressing appointment with extensive and lengthy travel.

  1. An Alternative Education

A teacher presents the past, reveals the present and creates the future and it is difficult to consider a surer way of understanding another culture than by immersing yourself in its education system.

Access to the most illuminated teaching minds in another country will not only give you an incredibly valuable new perspective on your chosen field of study but will also make you very attractive to future employers and truly enhance your employability.

The diverse, international, academic community will also enhance the quality of your learning and provide a wider spectrum of opinions and expertise. You will be able to present yourself as a multi-dimensional advocate in your field.

There are also global hubs for certain fields of interest and if you choose wisely this can translate into impressive work experience. Studying in a country that is especially well-known as a leader in a particular research and development field or a particular strand of education for instance will help you stand out clearly from other applicants.

  1. You will Become a Global Citizen

Learning to live with another culture’s food, customs, traditions and social atmosphere is a skill that you will be able to translate to other situations for the rest of your life. You will not only witness a different way of life but actually spend enough time living alongside it to have the opportunity to culture an understanding of another nation’s people and history.

This depth of discernment is a skill that will allow you to ultimately understanding other peoples and other histories. It encourages objectivity and will allow you to tolerate differences and recognize and appreciate diversity throughout your work and personal life.

At the same time, you will have an opportunity to make rewarding new friendships and these may be important networking tools later in your career. As the world becomes a global marketplace, an international professional network makes increasing sense. Your international credentials will also give you a stronger platform to back up arguments, inform your beliefs and steer your future.

  1. Bonus Learning

There is no language course on earth that will offer you the chance at learning to speak a language successfully like a year spent living in another country can guarantee. Because there is no better way to learn to speak any language than by having to speak it. And when you live in a country as a student you will find yourself having to speak the language to get by. If you are clever, you won’t take any short cuts. You will take every opportunity to practice and make a fool of yourself. And just like that, almost effortlessly, you will get a two for one qualification.

  1. Discover Yourself

As jetlag surely follows very long flights across many time zones, so leaving behind everything that is familiar and committing to living in a new country will inevitably lead to you having to face all your own insecurities. A different country is the ultimate test in self-reliance and you must prepare to find yourself growing up at a vastly accelerated rate compared to your friends who choose to stay behind at home.

Far from your comfort zone you will have to learn to fend for yourself, organize the nitty gritty of your daily life, handle the unforeseen and be completely independent and self-sufficient.

You may start appreciating all the familiar comforts you took for granted at home (your Mama washing your clothes and her fridge always being both full and available) and before you return you will have formed clear ideas of your personal likes, dislikes and capabilities.

Of course, with a little bit of time and luck, your family may also forget about any of your more irritating qualities and miss you enough to welcome you home with open arms.

  1. Discover your own culture

They say, the more we travel, the better we learn to understand our own country. Developing your own views, instead of simply accepting the perspective of the people you grew up with is a natural consequence of living abroad.

This will leave you better equipped to swim with confidence back in your own pond. Should you choose to accept offers of work and pursue a career at home, a masters abroad will have equipped you with subtle skills that will give you an edge when it comes to negotiation and any other work related expertise that require cultural or psychological insight.

  1. Graduate School Admissions

 It isn’t only your prospects of future employment that will be improved through studying abroad but your graduate school admission chances will also be advanced.

The fact that you have displayed diversity and have shown that you aren’t afraid of seeking out new challenges and placing yourself within difficult situations will set you apart from other applicants…

Graduate schools also actively seek candidates who will increase the unique aspects of their university and study abroad shows the curiosity and educational acumen of a leader.

  1. Learn to Function Off-Piste

Far away from home you can let loose a little. Break out the spontaneity and let your adventurous side shine. Why is this important? Because it has been scientifically proven to increase your intelligence, reduce stress and help you age better. These qualities will also help you in interviews and throughout your career.

  1. Student Discounts

A time will come when you have to pay full price for everything. Now is not that time. There are more and more institutions and government bodies offering dedicated scholarships for international students in many parts of continental Europe, Asia and America.

As a student you will also be eligible for discounts on airfare, accommodation, rail passes and more.

  1.    Increase your international job prospects

By studying abroad, you will improve your career prospects back at home… but you might also decide you love your adopted country so much that you never leave. Whichever way you go, you will quite simply be more competitive in today’s era of globalization.

There are so many more opportunities, both for studying and working abroad, and it can be argued that many employers are actively looking to graduates to have international experience.

In the end that one line on your CV that mentions your Masters which was awarded at an international school will immediately inform your prospective employer that you are an independent thinker, that you can stand on your own feet, that you are culturally aware and that you will be a resourceful addition to their company.

Then again… long before any forthcoming boss learnt these facts about you, you will have benefited from becoming an independent thinker, standing on your own feet and being culturally aware and resourceful.

And that might be the best reason for you to apply to take your Masters Abroad.

We do think IPBS MIM could allow you to experience all these 10 points, and how about you?

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