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The MSc in International Management programme allows you to build cultural and business connections by combining academic knowledge with global immersion in two countries and two universities

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Get your MIM Degree at one of our Degree Awarding Institutions and spend an integrated study abroad semester at one of their IPBS Partner Universities

Get ready for a global career

This programme of study is designed to give its graduates advanced business knowledge and the prerequisite skills to prepare them to play leading roles in international management

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  • Master of Science in International Management

    Master of Science in International Management

    This programme of study is designed to give you advanced business knowledge

  • 2 different countries of your choice

    2 different countries of your choice

    France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, USA

  • Global management programme

    Global management programme

    To give you the knowledge and skills to thrive in dynamic international business settings

  • 10-15 months full time master

    10-15 months full time master

    Depending on the study track selected

  • Entirely taught in English

    Entirely taught in English

    To help you play leading roles in international management

  • 6 leading business schools

    6 leading business schools

    Well-known and recognised in the international business environment

What people say
Senik Nikoyan

USA-GER, 2015-16

Hanna Zedler

USA-GER, 2015-16

Cristina Meinshausen

USA-GER, 2014-15

Joost Vervoort

USA-IRL, 2015/16

Tim Seelmann

MEX-D, 2014-15

Brandreth Canaley

MEX-USA, 2015/16

Jens Wolf

USA-D, 2013/14

Andrea Ornelas

Italy-USA, 2015/16

Annika in der Beek

FR-D, 2013/14

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